Gold Bar C.Hafner 250 g

C.Hafner is a family business from Pforzheim, Germany. The company has been around for over 160 years and has always delivered high-quality products. Sustainability is important for C.Hafner and they adhere to the most stringent standards of ethical action.

Unlike many other manufacturers, C.Hafner has its production of gold bars in-house and they manufacture exclusively with recycled gold. With appealing aesthetics, the history behind the company, and the sustainability aspect, gold bars from C.Hafner are a truly unique investment.

Fine gold bars from C.Hafner guarantee the highest level of security:

All bars are delivered in a “CertiCard”, which allows checking the authenticity and integrity of the packaging before opening. The enclosed certificate provides information about the serial number and confirms the tested purity of the bars.

Advantages of gold from C.Hafner:

  • Guaranteed purity of 999.9
  • Good delivery status of the LBMA
  • Made in Germany
  • Marketable worldwide and without markdowns
  • Ethically and ecologically safe
  • Premium aesthetics

Delivery Info

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Other information

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