recycled and sustainable goldbar

NSG:s sustainability work

At NSG, we work for a sustainable precious metal industry. Climate change needs to be taken seriously to secure a future for life on earth. We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute what we can in an industry that can often be viewed as dirty. It starts with making demands to your supplier or partner – in this way you take a step towards a major change.


Our gold from C.Hafner is recycled and CO2-neutral

Our partner C.Hafner is the first manufacturer to offer investment bars in recycled gold with an energy-efficient production process. A study by the Institute for Industrial Ecology at Pforzheim University (funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology), reports that recycled gold has 400 - 2000 lower carbon footprint compared to gold obtained from mining.

In addition to this C.Hafner constantly works to optimize their processes to keep their environmental footprint as low as possible. Funds are also invested in organizations for the purpose of environmental compensation. 

återvunnet guld nsg

We care about the environment and people

We work for the environment, human rights and strive to combat corruption, terrorism, and criminal activity. This permeates the entire business, and we constantly try to improve.

We believe that we also have a social responsibility. We have therefore over the years donated millions to industry-strengthening projects, to research and to efforts for a better world. We do this through our initiative Blue Circle. Blue Circle works like a fund where we collect money and then donate it to industry-strengthening projects and to charity.