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NSG helps you with storage

We offer a couple of different storage solutions. The first solution is that we help you store the investment bars you have chosen to invest in for an annual storage fee. The second solution is "share of gold". That is when you choose to invest any amount of gold or specific sum, into a shared ownership in a larger gold bar. All investment bars are stored in Sweden and NSG helps you with everything regarding storage services.

Our ambition

Our ambition with this storage service is to simplify the process of buying and selling precious metal in physical form, at a competitive price. More and more banks cease to offer vault storage to their customers and often alternative storage options for investment bars are very limited, costly, and risky.

There are several benefits to using our storage services, here are some:

  • NSG handles all logistics around the purchase and any future sales
  • We take care of everything. You don't need to contact any outside bank, insurance company, etc.
  • Storage independent of the banking system
  • Full insurance
  • Low fees
  • Possibility of faster buying and selling transactions

investera i guldtacka

Storage service

If you want to buy an investment bar (that only you own) but need help storing it in a safe and secure place – then this service is available. All investment bars are stored in Sweden. The service refers to uncirculated investment bars with a metal value of 50,000 SEK and above. Current price for these investment bars can be found here

In addition to the cost of the investment bar, there is a start-up fee of 200 SEK for the service and an annual storage fee of 0.5% of the value.

The price includes following:

  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Transport and insurance when inserting an investment product into the security vault

Payment of the storage service will be invoiced together with the purchase of investment bar(s) and thereafter annually in advance (invoice in December).

The storage fee is calculated on the current selling price of the specific investment bar that you own on the first workday in December every year.

guldtacka förvaring

Sale of holdings

If you want to sell parts or your entire holding of investment bars that are stored, please contact us.

Physical withdrawal

If you do not want to continue using any of our storage services, there is the option of having your investment bar physically delivered or paid out. Please contact us if this is relevant.

Do you already own an investment bar and would like to use our storage service?

Do you already own one or more investment bars that you want us to store for you? You can then submit your investment bar to us in exchange for a new one for only the cost of form price. The new investment bar is then stored by us at ordinary storage fee.

If you want to exchange your investment bar for share of gold, there is no extra cost for the exchange itself.

For more information, please contact us.

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