Terms and conditions

Order and payment

Once the payment has been transferred to NSG´s bank account an agreement is established with NSG Sweden AB (556484-5492). The order is then finalized and cannot be reversed. The right of withdrawal does not apply to gold bars and coins. 

In cases where the customer regrets the purchase after payment has been completed, the cost will be the difference between the purchase and sale price on the day in question. Payment is made through the Trustly payment solution directly on the platform www.nsginvest.se and is a direct bank transfer.



Investment gold is VAT exempt.

Silver, platinum, palladium, and accessories are sold with 25% VAT.


Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 1-3 days, in case of delay the customer will be notified by NSG Sweden AB.

If a shipment is not picked up from the post office and is therefore automatically returned, NSG Sweden AB has the right to charge the customer SEK 300. In cases where goods are lost or damaged in the return shipment, it is not under NSG Sweden AB's responsibility.



NSG Sweden AB carefully checks what is sent or handed out to the customer. Should the customer, upon receiving their order, note anything that deviates, such as damage, incorrect product or other, NSG Sweden AB must be contacted immediately by e-mail or telephone. The customer may not send anything back without having informed NSG Sweden AB and received further information on how a return should be carried out.

All returns and complaints must be approved by NSG Sweden AB before they are processed.


Terms of sale

NSG Sweden AB reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders in case major changes in the world market price have occurred since the last price update, if large supply problems have arisen, or if prices or other important information have been written incorrectly by human or computer error.


Customer data

NSG Sweden AB certifies that no personal data is shared with commercial third parties. We protect the customer's integrity.



NSG Sweden AB (556484-5492) reserves the right that all images on www.nsginvest.se are for reference purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. We also reserve the right for obvious inaccuracies and rapid changes regarding price information, stock status, and possible written errors. Prices of products and services may change at short notice due to changes from the suppliers.



NSG Sweden AB (556484-5492)

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E-mail: invest@nsg.se

Phone: +46 8 84 00 43

Business hours: Monday - Thursday: 09.00 - 17.00, Friday: 09.00 - 15.00

(closed for lunch 12.00 - 13.00)