Share of gold

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Share of gold

If you prefer a subscription model of saving in gold, it is fine to do so either monthly, quarterly or annually. You choose how much you want to buy each period, with no minimum limit.
There is no binding- or cancellation time, and you can choose to increase or decrease the amount of your savings at any time, skip a month or buy a little extra.
We are very simple and flexible.

Withdraw your share physically, at any time
When you reach an amount of gold equivalent to an entire gold bar, you can request to exchange your ownership of a larger bar for physical delivery of a smaller gold bar.

Let's say you invested in 2 grams of gold per month for 25 months, your total holding then corresponds to 50 grams of gold. This means that you can choose to have a gold bar of 50 grams delivered to you for a smaller cost. It is also possible to exchange to, for example, 2 gold bars of 20 grams and 1 of 10 grams.

"Share of gold" is thus a good way to get started with saving in gold that accumulates over time.

Buy & Sell easily
Of course, you don't have to withdraw your possession physically. It is also possible to easily sell your gold and receive a payment to your bank account. As the gold never physically leaves us, you don't have to think about logistics & transport. A call or an email is enough to sell, or buy more.

For our service ”Share of gold”, there is a start-up fee of 200kr and, in addition to that, a cost relating to storage and insurance, 0.5% of the value you own (from 150kr/year).
For example, if you own gold worth 50’000kr, 0.5% of the value is 250kr. This is the annual cost in addition to the start-up fee that you only pay once.

With a very attractive price model, simple buying & selling process and safe & insured storage, we hope to make it easier for more people to start investing in physical gold.
All mentioned costs are excluding VAT.

On request, we can send you an account statement via e-mail showing how much gold you own at the current time, otherwise the balance will be shown on the invoice.

The gold bar in which you are a co-owner is stored safely and securely in Sweden and is fully insured against everything, with no excess. Should an accident occur, you can pick up your share in physical form, alternatively sell it and get paid into a bank account.

To get started, contact us and specify the amount of gold or the sum you wish to invest every period. You are then charged for the gold and a premium on the price.
This option has a lower premium on the gold price compared to buying a physical gold bar.

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Sale of holdings

If you want to sell parts or your entire holding of investment bars that are stored, please contact us.

Physical withdrawal

If you do not want to continue using any of our storage services, there is the option of having your investment bar physically delivered or paid out. Please contact us if this is relevant.

Do you already own an investment bar and would like to use our storage service?

Do you already own one or more investment bars that you want us to store for you? You can then submit your investment bar to us in exchange for a new one for only the cost of form price. The new investment bar is then stored by us at ordinary storage fee.

If you want to exchange your investment bar for share of gold, there is no extra cost for the exchange itself.

For more information, please contact us.

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