Millennials like gold

Haller I Gultackor C Hafner Nsg

Last week, US fund management company State Street published its Global Advisors' Gold ETF Impact Study, which shows that among some 1,000 investors surveyed, Millennials have the largest allocation to gold at 17% of their capital. So-called Baby Boomers and Gen X investors have only 10% of their capital invested in gold. The report also emphasized that millennials are more positive about this asset class compared to other generations.


The study supported this by asking investors from the three generations about their thoughts on several different gold ETF topics. The results showed that a majority of millennials believe that gold ETFs are the best way to invest in gold.


A preference for stock market trading

Specifically, 69 percent of all millennials believed this compared to 55 percent of baby boomers and 35 percent of Gen Xers. On top of that, the report also showed that "Survey participants who hold gold ETFs are more likely to be Millennials." Ultimately, the study revealed that millennials have a significant penchant for exchange-traded funds that provide exposure to gold.


Although State Street's SPDR ETF family only offers physical gold ETFs, there are several ways investors can access this asset class through an ETF wrapper, including via shares of gold-producing companies. VanEck offers a couple of ETFs that provide exposure to gold producers with large and small companies respectively.


Another way to invest in gold is by buying bars directly. With us at NSG Invest, you can buy bars as small as 1 gram.